Company's Journey

Since our establishment, Poetry In Urdu has been dedicated to bringing the beauty and depth of Urdu poetry to the world. With a team of experienced and passionate writers, we have built a platform that showcases the rich literary heritage of Urdu through thought-provoking and soul-stirring verses.

Purpose and Goals

Our purpose is simple yet profound – to nurture a love for Urdu poetry and provide a platform for established and emerging poets to express their emotions, thoughts, and perspectives. Our motive is to create a vibrant community of poetry lovers where every individual can find solace, inspiration, and a sense of connection through the power of words.

Our goals are centered around:

  • Preserving and promoting the Urdu language in the digital age
  • Fostering a deep appreciation for Urdu poetry among a global audience
  • Creating a supportive space for aspiring poets to showcase their talent and receive recognition
  • Curating diverse categories, ensuring a comprehensive range of poetic expressions

Introduction to the Team

Behind the Poetry In Urdu platform, there is a team of top-skilled and dedicated individuals who share a common passion for the beauty of Urdu poetry. Our team comprises talented writers, editors, and designers who work diligently to curate and deliver top-notch poetic content that resonates with our readers.


At Poetry In Urdu, we offer a rich tapestry of poetic creations encompassing a broad spectrum of emotions, experiences, and themes. Our carefully curated categories include: